Nigeria continues to experience high internal and external migration due to the size of its population, economic climate, as well as its porous borders. The Government of Nigeria has continued to give more attention to migration management as is evidenced by the additional responsibilities given to the National Commission for Refugees (NCFR) in 2009 to oversee issues relating to migration and IDPs, ongoing dialogue with the European Union, the planned projects under the 10th National European Union Development Fund (EDF) and the recent appointment of a Senior Special Assistant to the President on Diaspora Affairs.

Since 2002, based on a Cooperation Agreement, IOM has been supporting the efforts of the Government of Nigeria to manage migration through capacity-building, advisory services, and technical assistance on migration matters, including migration health and information, assisted voluntary returns, and counter-trafficking. Strong collaboration has been established with national migration stakeholders in order to enhance border management, fight trafficking in persons, reduce irregular migration, and mainstream migration in the country’s development plans. In 2011 and beyond, IOM plans to provide further support to the Nigerian Government within the above-mentioned programme areas.

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