Since its establishment in 1998, the IOM office in Dakar, Senegal, has been working with the Government of Senegal and other stakeholders in the field of migration to address the challenges and opportunities presented by these dynamic migratory patterns and trends. IOM’s activities in Senegal have focused on building on the link between migration and development in Senegal, counter-trafficking activities, assisted voluntary return and reintegration support for migrants returning to Senegal, and strengthening Government capacity in labour migration management and in migration policy development.

IOM is working to support the Government of Senegal in its effort to strengthen its institutional capacity in the area of labour migration management and to expand legal labour migration opportunities. IOM is also implementing programmes that maximize the use of human and financial resources of the Senegalese diaspora for the development of their country.

IOM takes action to promote the health of migrants and mobile populations throughout the migration process and in the field of public health in communities of origin, transit and destination, while also strengthening health systems and migration policies and practices.

The IOM activities in the fight against human trafficking include capacity building activities of the Government in combating human trafficking and supporting the implementation of the Action Plan of ECOWAS in the fight against trafficking and assistance to child victims of trafficking.

IOM supports assistance programmes for voluntary return of migrants of different nationalities from Europe, Libya, Morocco and other countries; these programmes can include the provision of assistance for their reintegration in their country of origin.

Research is a transversal axis of IOM activities and IOM aims to enhance research on migration issues in Senegal and to improve government data management capacities in the area of migration. Up-to-date data on migration facilitates greater coherence and a more comprehensive approach to the design of national migration policies.

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