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In Wake of Deadly Shipwreck, IOM Responds to Prote...

Nouadhibou – Mauritania’s second largest city, Nouadhibou, used to be a sleepy fishing port, receiving few of the small numbers of tourists this...

Supporting Migration Policies in Mali: 10th UN Net...

Bamako – The United Nations Network on Migration was launched in Mali this week by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United...

As Boom Turns To Bust, Community Stabilization in...

Faya – This was once a booming northern border town, supporting thousands of Chadians and Libyans who came to trade, barter or sell their wares. 

IOM Assists over 1,400 Migrants with Voluntary Ret...

Accra – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) this week assisted 61 migrants who were stranded in Niger with voluntarily return to Ghana...


Shenu Doris : from Irregular Migrant to Formidable Entrepreneur (Niger

Shenu Doris : from Irregular Migrant to Formidable Entrepreneur (Nigeria)

Ibrahima - Shoe Designer in Guinea

Back in Guinea, Ibrahima now Produces the most Popular shoes in Conakry

Adama Diaw, the Story of an "Ordinary" Journey - Episode 1

Adama is young, full of energy and dreams. One evening, he decides to take the road to Europe. At what cost ? Do not...

Saraba from The Gambia

Saraba and his family came back to The Gambia after spending two years in Libya. They now owe a boutique which help...



IOM Presence in WCA

Dessiner un avenir meilleur pour la jeunesse nigérienne

Chaque été, les jeunes Nigériens participent à des activités culturelles qui leurs permettent de se divertir et de s’épanouir pendant les vacances. Cette année, plus de 60 enfants âgés de 8 à 18 ans ont participé à un camp d’été artistique d’un mois dans deux centres de jeunes dans les quartiers de Karadje et Talladje, dans la banlieue de Niamey.


Construire et reconstruire son futur en Guinée : un espoir et un défi pour les jeunes Guinéens de retour

Que ce soit au niveau social, psychosocial ou économique, des obstacles se dressent souvent face à la réinsertion des migrants de retour. L’histoire d’Abdoulaye illustre un défi que peuvent rencontrer les migrants de retour lors de leur réintégration : la pérennisation de leur affaire.


Student-Led Club Helps Raise Awareness on Irregular Migration in Ghana

“We are not relenting on our efforts but will continue to champion the safe migration campaign. We want as many people as possible to know the risks involved so they will use safer and dignified options,” says Sofiyya, a 19-year-old young Ghanaian senior high school student.