Learning and Dissemination contents

Learning and dissemination activities 

The learning and dissemination plan that accompanies the research results focuses on the sharing of knowledge and evidence-based data in order to enable actors (policy makers, potential migrants, community members) to understand the factors that influence the decisions-making on migration in a development or non-development context. 

As part of this plan, IOM is creating a series of communication activities to help target audiences (potential migrants and their communities) better understand the project’s aim. One way of doing that is through storytelling and visualization. By tapping into the life experience of audience members, and translating their own stories into visual metaphors, the research and its outcomes become more accessible and understandable. 

Please consult this link to access several videos about learning and dissemination activities in West and Central AfricaIOM Research Series - YouTube

   Street Art

Street Art (graffiti) is a graphic presentation activity through drawings and graffiti-styled painting on the walls to present the outcome 4 project research results.  Art is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire young people while encouraging the discussion on migration. In this project, Street Art has been used to broaden the audience of the project by disseminating the results of the research on the Migration Choice. 


Drawing competition

Different primary schools in Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea, have been approached to encourage their students to participate in a drawing competition based on their understanding of an identified topic/theme linked to the research. 

Songs and drummings

The Song and drumming activity played a crucial role in translating the main ideas of the project, research results and raising awareness in local communities by using a form that is indigenous to its members.  

Local artists who participated to the project are a good springboard to reach our goal and target audiences because they are rooted in their community and they are aware of the realities of their community. These artists will adopt the art of singing and dancing on the topic of ‘Migration’ 

Manga competition

Leveraging the strong history of story telling the region, IOM will launch a contest to produce a manga animation linked to migration decision-making, developed by local talents and inspired by the research.

Tunga & Taga story: "This is the story of the 2 best friends in the world: Tunga and Taga. They live in a place called Guisenbie. Tunga and Taga spend all their days together, they love each other and are inseparable. They always agree on everything but one thing: Tunga has the soul of an adventurer and dreams of going elsewhere, of discovering the world. Taga, on the contrary, dreams of staying in Guisenbie to become an important person in the community, close to friends and relatives. These two characters grow up and their paths separate as their adventures go on.” Why do they part? How? Will they meet again? " 

Please check out the creations of Christ GAUTH and Mamadou Baillo DIALLO, winners of the Drawing context in Senegal and Guinea. Here are also the 3 animated Manga composed of the winning regional drawing and the 3 awarded music!The winning drawing hereFacebook or TUNGA TAGA | Tungataga, concours de dessin et de musique