Cabo Verde Launches Country’s First-Ever Standard Operating Procedures to Combat Human Trafficking

Published Date: 
Fri, 09/17/2021 - 15:30
Cape Verde


Praia — With technical support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Government of Cabo Verde has launched the country’s first-ever standard operating procedures to combat human trafficking.

The 420-page manual provides guidance on comprehensive assistance with a focus on child trafficking and taking into account the traumas victims face. This effort is part of a larger initiative by a regional action network comprised of 15 member countries of the Economic Community of West African States, which includes Cabo Verde. The manual will be a vital tool as Cabo Verde continues to make great strides in eliminating trafficking in all its forms.

Interim Head of Office for IOM Cabo Verde Quelita Goncalves presented the manual during an event yesterday and emphasized the importance of a multifaceted approach to counter human trafficking, including referral, direct assistance, legislation, investigation and prosecution.

In his speech during the opening session, Christopher Gascon, IOM Regional Director for West and Central Africa, urged all institutions to “disseminate this manual internally and encourage its use, especially facilitating the identification and assistance of possible victims who at this moment may be suffering in a situation of abuse and exploitation, thus contributing to the protection of human rights.”

The Minister of Justice, Joana Rosa, also encouraged institutions to use the manual and stressed that “the good use of this tool is capable of generating new learning and multiplying good practices in the fight against human trafficking in Cabo Verde.”

Amanda Porter, Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy in Praia, also delivered remarks. The U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking provided funding to support this initiative.

For more information, please contact Quelita Goncalves at IOM Cabo Verde, Tel +238 987 99 13, Email: