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Ghana’s Government Adopts First Mapping of Vulnerability to Trafficking in Persons to Increase Protection and Prevention of Victims

Accra - In 2002, a research study revealed the extent of forced labour of children in the fishing industry in Ghana.

Entrepreneurship and Waste Management in Sierra Leone to Fight Unemployment and Clean Cities

Freetown – With a 60 percent rate of youth unemployment, Sierra Leone suffers among West Africa’s highest levels of joblessness. One result: youth migrate, often irregularly.

IOM organized between 15-17 October a pilot training to accompany the upcoming launch of the protection handbook. Photo: IOM/Daniel Kisito Kouawo

IOM Organizes Training on Handbook on Protection for Vulnerable Migrants in Niger

Niamey – The migratory route throughout Niger may involve risks that may increase the migrants’ vulnerability, such as loss of documents, insufficient resources to continue the journey safely and in dignity, or exposure to...

IOM Organizes First Humanitarian Charter Flight from Algeria to Niger

Algiers, Niamey – This week (15/10), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized its first flight for voluntary return from the southern Algerian city of Tamanrasset to Niger’s capital, Niamey, carrying 166...

Nayah: to Heal and to Give Birth

"I have nowhere to go, I have nothing., Nobody wants me in my family. How am I going to deliver my baby?”, Nayah* says in a barely audible voice, tears filling her eyes.

 IOM psychologist in Mali speaks with a returned migrant and his family

The Forgotten Ones: When Relatives of Migrants Are Left Behind

When we talk about migration, we often focus on the migrants and the difficulties they encounter in their countries of origin, transit or destination. But what about their families?

EUCAP Sahel Niger and IOM Reinforce Security Along the Niger-Nigeria Border

Niamey – In the presence of State authorities and international partners, EUCAP Sahel Niger and IOM representatives placed yesterday (10/10) the first stone of the new complex for the Mobile Border Control Company (CMCF) in Birni...

First National Migration Database in Nigeria to Harness Data for Development in Africa’s Largest Country

Abuja – Timely data on migration are often scarce, making it difficult for decision-makers to develop effective migration policies.

More than 60 unaccompanied migrant children and women participated in the two trainings organized for World Habitat Day. Photo: IOM/Daniel Kisito Kouawo

Niger Raises Awareness on Waste Management for World Habitat Day

Niamey – In order to raise awareness on waste management for World Habitat Day this Monday (07/10), IOM’s mission in Niger organized two trainings for over 60 migrants staying at IOM’s transit centers in Niamey for unaccompanied...

Towards the Sustainable Reintegration of Returned Migrants: Cash for Work Activities in Guinea Bissau

Bissau — Soil erosion is but one of many environmental threats that dramatically impact the rural economy in Guinea-Bissau.

Returned migrants and community members planting trees in Gabu as part of their cash for work activity. IOM/Sandro Tavares

Cash for Work Activities in Guinea Bissau, a First Step Towards the Sustainable Reintegration of Returned Migrants

Bissau - Environmental issues, including soil erosion, dramatically affect the local economy and development of communities, and is one of the push factors of internal and external migration in Guinea-Bissau, in West Africa.

New District Task Forces to Strengthen Counter Human Trafficking in Sierra Leone

Freetown – Sierra Leone is a source, transit, and destination country for thousands of children and women trafficked for forced labour and sexual exploitation every year.