Press Release

Exhibition on the Realities of Irregular Migration

An exhibition of artwork by local artists and young Senegalese
migrants who failed in their attempt to reach Europe opens today at
the IOM office in Dakar.

Protecting and Assisting Migrants and Asylum Seekers

With the deadly annual people-smuggling season about to resume in
full force in the Gulf of Aden, IOM is working with its United
Nations (UN) partners and local authorities to prevent thousands of

Preventing Irregular Migration

As part of efforts to combat significant levels of irregular
migration from Niger, and following a similar initiative in Senegal
recently, the government of Niger and IOM have launched an

Profiling Diasporas for Development

The IOM office in Bamako is launching a project to find out how
Malians abroad can best contribute to the development of their home

Women Unite Against Irregular Migration

Women from the ECOWAS region are meeting in Dakar to find new ways
to curb irregular migration from Sub Saharan Africa to Europe.

Combating Irregular Migration

As part of efforts to combat significant levels of irregular
migration from Senegal, the Senegalese government and IOM have
launched an information campaign aimed at raising awareness of the

Reunification of Trafficked Children in Ghana

IOM and its partners this week reunited another group of 25
trafficked children with their families.

Working with the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs

Migrants' Ordeal Ends as Hospital Ship Docks

A Spanish hospital ship carrying a group of exhausted African
migrants rescued from a sinking pirogue off the coast of West
Africa docked in Dakar yesterday.

IOM Accra Launches Information Campaign to Promote Safe Migration

IOM Accra has launched a six-week information campaign to promote
safe migration and to prevent trafficking and irregular migration
through and from Ghana to Europe.

Report Provides Clearer Picture on Irregular Migration From Ethiopia to Yemen

An IOM research aimed at gauging levels of human trafficking among
Ethiopian migrants attempting to reach the Gulf countries via
Somalia, has shed valuable light on smugglers and routes on a

Migrant Sea Ordeal Ends as Stricken Ship Docks at Mauritania

An unseaworthy vessel transporting hundreds of male Asian and
African undocumented migrants docked on Monday in the northern
Mauritanian port of Nouadhibou after more than a week in

Countering Irregular Migration

Judges and state prosecutors from across Mauritania have recognised
the need for a change in legislation in order for them to
successfully prosecute migrant smugglers following a week-long