Press Release

US Donation Kick Starts Aid to Stranded Chadian Children on Nigerian Border

IOM will send a road convoy carrying aid for over 1,000 displaced
migrants, most of them unaccompanied children, stranded in the
remote village of N'Gbouboua in the Lac region of western Chad.

IOM to Relocate Families Fleeing Violence in Mali

In partnership with UNHCR, IOM is to start safe and orderly
relocation of up to 5,000 Malian refugees and Nigerien returnees,
from their current location at Chinegodar on the Niger-Mali border,

IOM Assessment Team Finds Unaccompanied Child Returnees on Chad-Nigeria Border

A joint IOM Chadian assessment team that travelled to a remote area
on the Chad-Nigeria border has discovered a group of over 800
destitute Chadian returnees from Nigeria, including a large number

IOM Begins First Repatriation of Liberian and Ivorian Refugees

IOM, in partnership with UNHCR, has begun a weekly voluntary
repatriation of Ivorian refugees who had fled to Liberia at the
outbreak of the civil war in April 2011.

Japan Funds IOM Water Treatment Pilot for Internally Displaced in Somalia

IOM has launched a 3-month pilot study of water supply, sanitation
and hygiene for internally displaced families (IDPs) living on the
outskirts of Mogadishu, the Somali capital.

Workshop on Validation and Adoption of the Outcomes of the Yaoundé Regional Workshop on Counter Human Trafficking in the Central African Region

A workshop on Counter Human Trafficking for the Countries in the Central African Region was organized by the United Nations High Commision for Human Rights in Yaoundé from 11-13 January 2012.

IOM Director General Visits Somalia

On the second day of his African tour, the Director General of the
International Organization for Migration (IOM), Ambassador William
Lacy Swing made a one-day visit on 1st February to Mogadishu,

The Swiss Government Funds IOM Reintegration Project for Chadian Returnees from Libya in Three Northern Regions in Chad

IOM and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), yesterday, Monday 7/1/13 signed a two-year community stabilization project which aims at supporting the livelihoods of Chadian returnees from Libya in th

Psychosocial Workshop for Community Mobilizers

In the framework of a newly launched one-year psychosocial project funded by the Government of Germany, IOM Chad in collaboration with the Chadian Red Cross has carried out a one-day workshop in the northern town of K

International Migrants Day in Chad

Celebrations to mark International Migrants Day on 18th December 2011 in the Chadian capital, N'djamena, attracted special attention from the government of Chad.

IOM Launches Canadian Visa Application Centre in Mali

As part of its global efforts to facilitate migration and support
governments, IOM will open a Canadian visa application centre
(CANVAC) in the West African country of Mali today, 16th December.

United Nations and African Union Interagency Assessment of the Impact of the Libyan Crisis on the Sahel Region, 07 – 23 December 2011 (Mission to Chad)

On 23 November 2011, the UN Secretary General ordered the dispatch of an Interagency Mission to the Sahel to assess the scope of the threat of the Libyan crisis in the region and the national, regional and internation