Press Release

IOM, Government of Chad and Civil Society Join Efforts to Build National Capacities in Countering Child Trafficking

In the framework of a project funded by the United States
Department of State's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in
Persons (GTIP), IOM Chad with the technical support from the IOM

Funding Needed as IOM Assists Thousands of Angolan Refugees to Return Home

IOM is appealing for funding to help the Organization to assist
tens of thousands of Angolan refugees to return home from Zambia
and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

IOM Works Hand in Hand with the National Authorities and the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Addressing the Consequences of the Libyan Crisis in Chad

IOM works hand in hand with the National Authorities and the United
Nations Country Team (UNCT) in addressing the consequences of the
Libyan Crisis in Chad.

Report Underlines Pressing Reintegration Needs of Migrants Returning from Libya

An IOM survey into the reintegration needs of many tens of
thousands of migrants who have returned to Niger from Libya
highlights the urgency of providing comprehensive reintegration

Large Convoy of African Migrants Arrives in Chad from Southern Libya as IOM Prepares to Help Many More

More than 1,220 Sub-Saharan Africans evacuated from the southern
Libyan city of Sebha just over two weeks ago have now safely
arrived in Chad after a long and arduous journey south.

IOM supports thousands of IDPs and Ethiopian migrants in the Puntland State of Somalia

In August 2011, nearly 500 Ethiopian migrants were registered in
Bossaso, one of the largest ports in the Puntland State of Somalia.
Thousands of displaced persons from drought-affected South-Central

IOM Assisted Migrant Convoy Departure

IOM is assisting the Chadian government with logistical support of moving 1,200 stranded migrants from Sebha in southern Libya, to N’Djamena in Chad.

IOM Completes Air Evacuation Of Stranded Migrants From Southern Libya

An IOM operation to airlift hundreds of vulnerable stranded Chadian
migrants out of the Southern Libyan town of Sebha to return them to
the Chadian capital N'Djamena has been successfully completed.

Regional Conference on Migration in Africa Promotes Circular Labour Migration

Migration experts are meeting this week in the Ghanaian capital,
Accra, to discuss how Africa and the European Union can benefit
from organized labour migration.

IOM Rescues Migrants Stranded in Chadian Desert

An IOM rescue mission that departed Faya on Tuesday night following
reports that 67 migrants, including women and children, fleeing
Libya were stranded on the road to Zouraké with a broken

IOM Teams Assess More Remote Chadian Entry Points as Migrants Continue to Flee Libya

Following a request from the Chadian government, IOM has sent
assessment teams to the remote towns of Mourdia on the Libyan
border, and Bol and Kanem on the Niger border, to assess the

Assessment Mission to Remote Chadian Border Town Finds Vulnerable Migrants in Need of Help

Water, food and health care are urgently needed for migrants
fleeing the violence in Libya and arriving at the remote border
village of Zouarké, close to Niger.