Press Release

Senegal Shifts from Country of Destination to One of Transit and Professional Emigration, IOM Migration Profile Finds

Senegal, historically considered mainly as a country of destination
in the West African region, has now also become a country of
emigration due to increasingly difficult living conditions at home

IOM Creates Waste Management Jobs, Improves Environmental Health in Liberia

A German government-funded IOM project to create 200 waste
management jobs for former combatants in Liberia is to be doubled
in size to include 200 more beneficiaries from two poor

Mauritania a Major Destination and Transit Country in West Africa, IOM Migration Profile Confirms

An IOM migration profile of Mauritania released today shows that
Mauritania remains a major destination and transit country for
migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Skilled Ghanaians Increasing Look to Countries Outside of Africa for Work, IOM Migration Profile Finds

A migration profile of Ghana released today by IOM finds that a
combination of a growing and increasingly educated Ghanaian labour
force, a lack of employment opportunities for young people and the

Major Step Forward in Countering Human Trafficking in Liberia

A national referral system that will identify, refer, protect and
provide follow-up services to victims of human trafficking in
Liberia is to be set up by the government with support from IOM

IOM and UNDP Team Up to Bring Back Somali Diaspora Expertise

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and IOM are joining
forces to tap into key technical expertise among the Somali
diaspora in a bid to help rebuild key governance foundations in

Agreement Paves the Way for the Reintegration of Conflict-Affected Women and Girls in Liberia

IOM has signed a comprehensive agreement with the German government
to provide sustainable socio-economic reintegration assistance to
conflict-affected women and girls who live in the northern Lofa

Cape Verdean Diaspora Train Professionals in Key Sectors Back Home

An IOM-supported programme aimed at strengthening the competencies
and skills of professionals in Cape Verde has begun a new phase
with members of the country's diaspora returning home temporarily

Managing Migration and Combating Human Trafficking in Liberia

Supporting government efforts to stabilize the country after years
of conflict in Liberia by managing its migration flows, IOM is
training officials of newly created mobile immigration units

IOM Targets Mobile Populations in Nigeria to Prevent Avian and Human Influenza

The IOM office in Nigeria has launched a week-long awareness
campaign among migrant poultry workers, traders and transporters in
the south-eastern Anambra State.

Another Group of Trafficked Children Rescued in Ghana

The first 11 of a group of 36 trafficked children to be rescued by
IOM in Ghana this year have arrived safely in the rehabilitation
centre in the capital, Accra.

New Website to Promote Migrants Rights

IOM has launched a new website aimed at promoting migrants rights
in West Africa through greater awareness of international
conventions and laws dealing with the issue and that of internally