Press Release

IOM Accra Launches Information Campaign to Promote Safe Migration

IOM Accra has launched a six-week information campaign to promote
safe migration and to prevent trafficking and irregular migration
through and from Ghana to Europe.

Report Provides Clearer Picture on Irregular Migration From Ethiopia to Yemen

An IOM research aimed at gauging levels of human trafficking among
Ethiopian migrants attempting to reach the Gulf countries via
Somalia, has shed valuable light on smugglers and routes on a

Migrant Sea Ordeal Ends as Stricken Ship Docks at Mauritania

An unseaworthy vessel transporting hundreds of male Asian and
African undocumented migrants docked on Monday in the northern
Mauritanian port of Nouadhibou after more than a week in

Countering Irregular Migration

Judges and state prosecutors from across Mauritania have recognised
the need for a change in legislation in order for them to
successfully prosecute migrant smugglers following a week-long

Workshop on Irregular Migration in West Africa

IOM and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are
jointly organizing a capacity building workshop on "common
approaches to irregular migration in West Africa."

Stranded Ethiopian Migrants Helped Home

The first 110 Ethiopian migrants stranded in the Somali town of
Bossasso and wanting to go home, have been helped back to Ethiopia
by IOM.

Stranded Migrants Return Home

A group of 17 Guinean migrants intercepted by the Moroccan navy as
they attempted to reach the Canary Islands in small open boats,
have been helped to return home voluntarily by IOM.

Essentials of Migration Management Workshop

Training on selected modules of IOM’s
Essentials of Migration Management (EMM) was completed last week in
Kinshasa for 28 senior officials from the Ministry of

Migrants Stranded in the Desert Return Home

A group of 30 Indian and Bangladeshi
migrants left stranded in the baking Mauritanian desert by
smugglers with little water, no food or identification papers, are

Another Group of Children Rescued From Forced Labour

Twenty-six more children have been rescued
by IOM from forced labour at a fishing community near Yeji on the
northern shores of Ghana's Lake Volta.

Italian Banks Support Migration Development Initiative

The Italian cooperative banking system has
decided to support an IOM migration and development programme by
looking at new ways of providing immigrants with banking services

More Children Rescued From Forced Labour

Thirteen more children were rescued last week from forced labour at
a fishing community near Yeji on the northern shores of Ghana's
Lake Volta by IOM.