COVID-19 Response - IOM West and Central Africa #4


The COVID-19 outbreak has hit 52 African countries, among which 23 are in West and Central Africa. At least 5,100 positive cases and over 120 deaths have been confirmed. 
As of 15 April, Cameroon reported the highest number of cases in West and Central Africa Region with 855 confirmed cases. Over the past two weeks, there was a sharp increase (+ 300%) in Niger and Guinea. Burkina Faso still has the highest mortality rate (5.4%), which is above the average (4.6%) on the African continent. 

Several countries in the region are now experiencing local transmission, suggesting that the number of positive cases is likely to increase dramatically in the coming weeks. It is crucial to prevent local transmission from evolving into a widespread community transmission.  
Increased community awareness of the disease is needed to ensure that communities understand the disease as a concrete risk for them (as opposed to "imported" cases.) 

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