Migrants’ Mental Health – A Key to Successful Reintegration

IOM provides assisted return and reintegration support to Ghanaians who decide to return home. Returnees receive psychosocial assistance to help them cope with the difficulties of return and other trauma as part of the organization’s reintegration assistance. Listen to Florian Braendli, IOM Ghana’s Project Manager, and Robert Ketor, IOM Ghana’s Psychosocial Project Assistant and a Clinical Psychologist, as well as two returnees, to find out why migrants’ mental health is key to their sustainable reintegration

A hardware store to rebuild ourselves

In Guinea, twelve returnees from Libya got together to set up a hardware store that now enables them to earn a living.


Gambian Returnees Enhance Availability of Soap

The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world is putting a strain on the availability of hygiene products. In The Gambia, returnees and community members are joining forces to improve the availability of handmade soap in their communities. This initiative serves as an alternative source of income while strengthening the country's preparedness, prevention, and response to the pandemic.

Ibrahima Sory, craftsman and supplier

Ibrahima Sory, who returned to Guinea after receiving reintegration assistance from IOM, is now working as a glazier in his country with other returnees.

Harira: Real-Life Hero from IOM Niger

Not all heroes scale skyscrapers; Harira manages a transit center. On World Humanitarian Day, we honor our real-life heroes who dedicate their lives to helping others.

Street Art on COVID-19 Reaches Remote Communities in Northern Niger

IOM’s mission in Niger pioneered the street art activities in West Africa in October 2019 when, along with its partner Street Art Sans Frontière, it organized 15 participatory art interventions, attended by more than 1,000 people. This year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, IOM’s Regional Office for West and Central Africa in Dakar, launched the initiative once more in Senegal, Ghana and Niger. Take a look at how the activities unfolded Niger.

IOM Assists New Group of Stranded Guinean Migrants with Voluntary Return

Measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19, such as the closure of borders, have left thousands stranded. Thanks to the opening of a humanitarian corridor Guinean migrants stranded in Niger since the beginning of the pandemic have been able to return safely to their country of origin.

Charter Flight between Mauritania and Senegal

Thanks to the opening of a humanitarian corridor on 6 July between Mauritania and Senegal, Senegalese migrants were able to return home safely. More than 30,000 migrants are stranded in the region at the borders while 2,000 others are left waiting in transit centres due to #COVID19.


COVID 19 Together Against Stigma

In Guinea, an association of returnees have joined forces raise awareness on COVID-19 preventive measures and combat stigmatization against those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Stranded Guineans Return Home Safely amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19, such as the closure of borders, have left thousands stranded. In Guinea, IOM is advocating for the creation of humanitarian corridors to help the most vulnerable migrants return home.

Migration, Environment and Climate Change in West and Central Africa

L’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre fait face à de nombreux défis, comme la désertification, la raréfaction des ressources en eau et l’érosion côtière. Afin d’accompagner au mieux les gouvernements de la région à prendre en compte la dimension environnementale dans la gestion des migrations, l’OIM se concentre sur un plaidoyer fort à l’attention des médias et des décideurs politiques.