Guinea's geographic location, porous borders, undeveloped infrastructure, poverty, and the repetitions of socio-political crises make it a point of origin and transit for many irregular migrants, as well as a transit point for drugs and small weapons. Operational and administrative capacity of the government to manage migration flows needs to be developed. This includes capacity of managing bilateral and regional border check-points, prevention of migration-related crimes, raising awareness of the risks of irregular migration and trafficking in persons, youth employment and entrepreneurship, as well as capacity building for the judiciary and law enforcement agencies to articulate the fight against trafficking in persons.

The region of Guinea Forestiere is also of concern, as it is likely to be the recipient of people fleeing from humanitarian crisis in the area. As a result of recent conflict, many vulnerable groups such as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), former combatants and returnees need to be included in reintegration programmes in order to guarantee the very fragile and relative stability of the region.

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