IOM, through dedicated internal funding from the Migrant Resource Allocation Committee (MIRAC), supported the creation of a professional network bringing together legal practitioners in West and Central Africa (WCA) from civil society and academia in order to contribute to the formulation and implementation of evidence-based national and regional migration policy and legislation in line with international standards and African Union norms and policies, through expert analysis and dialogue.

Specifically, the network of legal experts aims to:

  1. Generate knowledge, ideas and guidance on migration dynamics and priorities in WCA, with emphasis on highlighting emerging issues in migration law and policy, and addressing gaps;

  2. Facilitate the sharing of legal knowledge and expertise between network members and policy-makers, legislators, and judicial institutions, fostering connections and debate between individuals, organisations and authorities;

  3. Develop connections and interactions between experts and showcase their research and insights;

  4. Become a reference point to be consulted on legal matters related to migration in the region.

The network's activities and publications will be posted here on an ongoing basis.