Chad Validates Its First Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) Report

Government officials and civil society representatives gathered in N’djamena to validate the first report on the Migration Governance Indicators in Chad. Photo: IOM/Francois-Xavier Ada 2022

N’Djamena – The Chadian Government and representatives of civil society validated this week, 1st February 2023, the first ever Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) report in Chad. The high-level validation ceremony was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chadians Abroad and International Cooperation in the presence of representatives of various ministries, as well as civil society.

This report provides, for the first time, an assessment of actions undertaken by Chad to strengthen migration governance in the country.

The report’s findings will help promote a sustainable partnership between the Government, IOM, civil society, media and all stakeholders to successfully implement Chad’s migration policy,” said Mr Deounngar David Doudjim, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chadians Abroad and International Cooperation.

The political validation of the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) report resulted from more than 15 months of research conducted by various Government officials, civil society, and migrant associations with the support of the United Nations Network on Migration in Chad and Economist Impact.

“This day brings great hope for Chad and satisfaction for the focal points who achieved a remarkable work to obtain the political validation of the MGI document. I thank IOM, Economist Impact, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chadians Abroad and International Cooperation for their contribution to achieve this result,” said MEKONDO Sony, President of the “Union des radios privées” (URPT) and civil society focal point during the validation ceremony.

We are living in a time marked by unprecedented mobility, and there is a growing need to facilitate safe, orderly, and regular migration. Chad, a vast country in Central Africa, is a hub for various migration flows including labour migration, transhumance, and forced displacement.

Since the launch of the national adaptation of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in 2019, Chad has been committed to leveraging opportunities offered by this mobility. As a “Champion Country” in the Global Compact implementation, Chad, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), launched the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) process in 2021 to identify good practices, potential gaps and policy drivers that can be used to develop the migration governance framework.

“The Migration Governance Indicators process provides an analysis of existing migration policies and highlights good practices, but also areas for improvement. This analysis is one of a kind in Chad and addresses one of the priorities of the Action Plan for the Global Compact for Migration implementation in Chad for the period from 2022 to 2024,” said Bashirahishize Jean-Claude, Protection Officer at IOM Chad.

The report’s recommendations include strengthening coordination and partnerships with the private sector to improve migration governance. Furthermore, it recommends increased investment in building capacity and knowledge among state and non-state institutions on the migration-development nexus.

The MGI process has already been launched in more than 100 countries around the world. In all countries as well as in Chad, the MGIs aim to serve as a baseline for any future migration policies, so that migration benefits all.

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