Senegal: Diourbel Regional Migration Consultation Framework Holds its First Meeting with Returnees on Opportunities for Sustainable Reintegration at Territorial Level

Words from the Director of PREDA Diourbel, Mr Samba Lawbé DIENG, with the IOM Head of Mission, Ms Valeria Falaschi and Mr Cheikh Mbacké SENE. Photo: IOM Senegal

Exchanges with migrants returning from the Diourbel region. Photo: IOM Senegal

Diourbel – The migration situation in Senegal is marked by a multitude of actors and bodies involved at different levels in migrant reintegration or youth and women reinsertion. This multiplicity of interventions and stakeholders is not always governed by a dedicated functional regional consultation framework to promote coherence and synergy of actions.

On 29 February 2024, the Diourbel Regional migration consultation framework held its first meeting, marking a significant step in the implementation of the sustainable reintegration strategy under the MPRR (Migrant Protection, Return, and Reintegration) programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

The main objective of the meeting was to present the economic profile of the Diourbel Region and technical assistance services provided by state and non-state bodies through the consultation framework that was set up. Specifically, the aim was to (i) review potential and business opportunities in the Diourbel Region, (ii) discuss challenges and issues relating to territorial economic development associated with migration in the Diourbel Region, and (iii) present migrant registration systems and services.

This activity was co-chaired by the Governor of Diourbel Region, represented by Mr Samba Lawbé MBAYE, Director of the Diourbel Regional Development Agency (Agence Régionale de Développement -ARD), and IOM Chief of Mission in Senegal, Ms Valeria FALASCHI. Mr Samba Lawbé MBAYE, Diourbel Regional Development Agency Director, welcomed the initiative, which “has provided a framework for stakeholders in the Diourbel region to discuss opportunities for returnee reintegration at territorial level, and consider synergies of action with a view to strengthening the coordination and sustainability of stakeholders’ actions”, according to him.

IOM Chief of Mission in Senegal, Ms Valeria FALASCHI, reiterated her encouragement and support for returnees and reaffirmed IOM’s commitment to “work alongside stakeholders in the Diourbel Region to further strengthen the coordination of stakeholders’ interventions and pooling of efforts in a bid to provide appropriate responses to the issue of migrant sustainable reintegration and the integration of youths tempted to migrate through dangerous routes”.

At the end of the meeting, five (5) strategic recommendations were made. These recommendations are as follows: (i) expand the regional migration and development consultation framework to include other key stakeholders; (ii) create synergies between all the stakeholders involved in the EMPLOYMENT ecosystem in order to implement effective technical assistance mechanisms for migrants; (iii) build migrants’ capacity to identify real opportunities to make better use of their potential; (iv) lobby for innovative financing in line with migrants’ specific needs; (v) step up communication on assistance services.



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